Cheap Driveway Contractor




Don't make the mistake of hiring a cheap driveway concrete contractor to repair or replace your driveway or any concrete project for that matter.  If you want to get the most value and life from your concrete work, make sure you hire the right contractor for the job. See our recent blog post regarding contractor selection and how to get the most value from your project.  By paying a little bit more now, you will save yourself a headache and a lot of money down the road.



There are many considerations when pouring concrete, beginning most importantly with the subgrade preparation before the concrete can be placed.  Some contractors don't take the time and care necessary to ensure a suitable subgrade that will dramatically impact the life of your concrete.  Refer to our blog post about Subgrade Preparation for a comprehensive look at the importance of compaction and aggregate types, as well machine rentals and the costs associated.


The majority of concrete repairs we are contracted to fix are caused by the previous contractor either not using rock as a subgrade; not compacting the subgrade; or pouring concrete too thin.  All lead to cracking and heaving, ultimately leaving you to pay for a replacement just a few years after the work is completed. CMC Solutions uses the highest quality materials and industry standard techniques to ensure your concrete won't need to be replaced prematurely.  



We understand most homeowners gravitate to the lowest price, thinking that they are getting the best deal.  It's just not true.  Here are some factors to consider that most contractors submitting the lowest bids generally have in common:

1. They may not be licensed or insured

2. They may be paying their employees cash

3. They may not be using quality materials

4. They may not be trained or certified

5. They may not even be experienced in pouring concrete


Watch both videos to see what kind of quality you can expect when you hire the lowest bidder. These people thought they were getting a great deal, only to be left with a terrible job that will need to be torn out and completely redone  -  AT THEIR EXPENSE!  Do your research and don't get ripped off by an unscrupulous contractor.  


If you live in the Des Moines area and have a concrete project, call CMC Solutions at 1-515-505-2245 for a free consultation and estimate.  ​You can trust us to leave you with a high quality piece of concrete that will stand the test of time.


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